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Car keys

Car keys

If you only have one copy of your car key, it is wise to have this key duplicated as soon as possible. In the situation where you have lost your only copy, it becomes very difficult and also expensive to get a new key.

Jutkey is able to create keys for different car brands:

• Without microchip / transponder
• With microchip / transponder
• Empty car key case for remote keys
• Key blade for remote keys

Car keys without microchips / transponders are used in cars built in 1994 / 1995. These keys can be duplicated without requiring access to the car.

Cars manufactured from 1996 onwards all have a key including a microchip / transponder. These keys can be duplicated, but in most cases your car is also needed in order to program and pair the key to your car’s security system.

Please contact Jutkey by telephone (+31) 20-6169455 or WhatsApp (+31)6-20649337 providing the following details: - brand, - type, year of manufacture.

For most brands it is possible to provide an empty car key case. Therefore, if the buttons or plastic of the car key case have been damaged, the internal electronics including the transponder can be placed in the new key case. Jutkey will cut the new key blade to match the original key and a new car key will be created. Alternatively, transferring the original key blade to the new case is also possible.

You will find the empty car key cases in our webshop under car keys. Should you need assistance in finding the right part, send a photo of the original key with brand, type and year of manufacture to telephone (+31)20-6169455 or WhatsApp (+31)6-20649337. We will be happy to provide the necessary information.

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