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Motorcycle keys and scooter keys

Motorcycle keys and scooter keys

Lost or almost broken motorcycle key or scooter key?

It is wise to have a spare key made if you only have one copy of your key left or the key is bent. At the point where you have lost your only copy, it becomes considerably more difficult and a lot more expensive to get a replacement key.

We are happy to help provide you with a new key, with or without immobilizer (microchip/transponder). The following information is required:

• Brand
• Model
• Year of manufacture
• Optionally photo of the original key

Do you no longer have any original keys?

In most cases we can also help you by making a new key from the ignition lock. Disassemble the ignition and bring it in to our store, or send the ignition lock by parcel post.

Motorcycle keys and scooter keys without transponder can be ordered in our shop. The key number is required and can be found on the key itself, on the purchase invoice or in the insurance policy. By uploading a photo of your original key with your order, we can always check whether the correct key was ordered.

For more information you can contact us by mail to info@jutkey.nl, by telephone with number (+31) 20-6169455 or by WhatsApp on (+31) 6-20649337 .

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