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Valuable possessions, such as important documents, money or jewelry, are best stored safely when not in use.

How do you choose the right safe for this?

Safes come in many different shapes and sizes and are used for different applications.
It is important to consider what will be stored in the safe.

What requirements do you expect from a safe?
Should it be burglar-resistant or fire-retardant or maybe both?

There are certified safes and uncertified safes.
Certified safes are especially important for insurance if there are insured valuables in the safe. Depending on the policy value, the insurance will indicate which standard the safe must meet.

The following certifications may apply to a safe.

EN14450 S2

EN 1143-1 Grade 0

EN 1143-1 Grade I

EN 1143-1 Grade II

EN 1143-1 Grade III

EN 1143-1 Grade IV

EN 1143-1 Grade V

In addition, there is the choice of being able to open the safe with a key or an electronic lock.

We would be happy to look for the perfect safe in your situation together with you.

For more information please contact info@jutkey.nl

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