GAD D 60001 to 62849

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SKU: 133005   Bicycle keys

Only with a key number can a new key be made. This number can be found on the bicycle key itself. With the Abus plus keys, there is also a code card with the lock on which the key number is stated.

It is not possible to make a new key with the number on the lock. If there are no more suitable keys, the key number is sometimes stated on the purchase invoice of the bicycle or on the insurance policy if the bicycle is insured. It is possible that the bicycle dealer where the bicycle was purchased has stored the key number in its system.

If you cannot find a key number on the key itself, take a photo of the entire key and send it to or via WhatsApp to 06-20649337. In most cases we can find out the key number based on the photo and we advise which key you can order.

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